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LAGERS Lunch Break

Do you have trouble engaging your new hire or mid-career employees? Let us help! LAGERS Lunch Break is a program  designed to help you educate your new and mid-career employees about the value of your LAGERS pension plan.

By further educating your employees about their service-based pension, you'll be better able to retain quality public servants. As well, those quality public servants will have peace of mind knowing that when they're ready to leave the workforce, they will be able to with dignity and financial security.

At these meetings, LAGERS provides a catered lunch and a 45-minute presentation about financial security and how their LAGERS benefit is a piece of the financial independence puzzle.

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LAGERS Lunch Break

"I encourage all employers to host a meeting for employees. The information gained is much more exciting to discuss among coworkers and friends than reading from a brochure. It’s never too early to start planning and saving for retirement to help ensure you can live the lifestyle you’ve always envisioned." -Katie Hunze, Jefferson County